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About Lismenary

"You need to see where Elizabeth works, it helped all our stress melt away and we could benefit from her therapy skills."

Appointments take place at Lismenary Speech and Language Clinic (LSLC), a private speech and language therapy practice. The building is a beautifully renovated barn, with soft red brick and stone. This unique setting has a reassuring feel of home, which serves instantly to relax people and reduce stress. There is plenty of space for car parking, and children can run about and play to run off their excess energy after concentrating in speech therapy.

Lismenary Speech and Language Clinic

The interior has been converted into a modern purpose-built clinic. Everything is on the same level, with wide doors, a curved passageway and a toilet designed for wheelchair users so they can move around easily. The therapy room is large with under-floor heating, calm décor and no distractions. Next to this is a soundproof observation room with two-way mirror and separate toilet. This set-up ensures an infinitely flexible use of space for individual or group work – parents/ carers participating or observing. Even small siblings are welcome, as they can play in the observation room without disturbing the therapy.

All the toys and books are hidden in a giant, walk-in cupboard so children are not distracted and adults are not bothered by them!

LSLC is convenient to reach from anywhere in the East Antrim and North Belfast areas. However I will be happy to offer my services to anyone willing and able to travel! You are welcome to come and have a look around, free of charge. By appointment only. 

Lismenary Speech and Language Clinic
Client Stories
  • This lady had sufffered nerve damage after surgery to her neck. It resulted in paralysis of some of the tongue muscles on one side, causing difficulties with chewing, swallowing and speech.  "Elizabeth at Lismenary Speech and Language Clinic is an excellent speech therapist who is genuine, caring, optimistic and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is able to share her expertise in a warm, friendly way translating medical rhetoric into plain layman terms. The amount of time and...
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What to Expect

If somebody won’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.
I will listen as you describe your worries to me, then I will help you find ways to overcome these problems.

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