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A calm and effective place for Speech and Language Therapy

Lismenary Speech
and Language Clinic (LSLC) provides Children's Speech Therapy in the Belfast area, and Adults Speech Therapy in the Belfast area. Also throughout Northern Ireland. 

20% of the population may experience difficulties in communication at some point in their lives. Problems with communication cannot be seen, and yet they affect every aspect of our lives.  LSLC is a private speech and language clinic where you will find a calm, welcoming and safe environment. You can feel free to express your concerns. I will help you explore your/your child’s potential for change and support you through the process.


  • 19/6/2018

    I regret that I am unable to take on any new referrals at the moment.
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  • This lady had sufffered nerve damage after surgery to her neck. It resulted in paralysis of some of the tongue muscles on one side, causing difficulties with chewing, swallowing and speech.  &...
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If somebody won’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.
I will listen as you describe your worries to me, then I will help you find ways to overcome these problems.

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